Target Ford


Until 2000 Visteon workers were part of Ford, and when the new company was formed we were told that we would have full Ford contracts. Documents given to staff at the time of the split told them they would not lose out. Ford promised: “For the duration of your employment with Visteon UK, your terms and conditions . . . will mirror Ford conditions. This means lifetime protection while an employee of Visteon UK of all your contractual conditions of employment.”

All that has now been ripped up as we have been dumped without company redundancy pay, the chance of transfer, pensions, or consultation.

Enflield Ford Visteon Workers

What you can do

Organise a Protest outside Ford showrooms and other sites
downloads: leaflet for distribution, Ford=Fraud sticker sheet, locations of Ford related targets

‘Black’ Visteon Products (Ford Workers) Ford Visteon Workers are asking other Ford workers to ‘Black’ (boycott/refuse to use) all Visteon products. If Visteon bosses get away with their attacks then other Ford workers’ contracts could also be ripped up.
downloads: leaflet for distribution to Ford Workers

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