About Us


During the initial wave of support for the Ford Visteon Workers, a loose network of people began to organise practical support for the Enfield occupation.

The Ford Visteon Workers Support Group was set up to encourage better co-ordination of this work. We work in collaboration with the Ford Visteon workers, and hold weekly meetings to discuss and make decisions about practical support and solidarity activities. Meetings are open to all groups, Visteon workers and families, and any other supporters

Get Involved
We are keen for more groups and individuals to join us in supporting the Ford Visteon workers. So if you can help out in any way, please get in touch. visteon_support[at]haringey.org.uk

All monies raised by support Group go directly to the Visteon workers’ own treasurer.
As agreed with the workers, cheques can be sent via ‘Haringey Solidarity Group’, PO Box 2474, N8 until the workers have set up their own account.

Messages of support should be sent direct to the workers visteonoccupation[at]googlemail.com