The Visteon Dispute is Not Over!

Ford Visteon Workers Support Group (Enfield) – Statement for General and Press Release 08/05/2009

Despite forcing Visteon back to the negotiating table and dramatically increasing their offer of redundancy pay, the Ford Visteon workers’ fight for justice is not over. As the Belfast occupation continues, workers in Enfield maintain their 24/7 picket and supporters are gearing up for a sustained campaign:

Their fight has inspired workers and communities across the country and we salute the workers for the victory they have so far won, and we will continue to support their struggle until the workers believe they have received what Ford Visteon owes them.

Redundancy pay – Having fought off Visteon’s disgraceful attempts to rob them of their rights, workers won’t be satisfied until the recent agreement for vastly enhanced redundancy pay are honoured, at the correct rates, with money paid into their bank accounts.

Pensions – The collapse of Visteon UK has put workers’ pensions at risk, potentially leaving them dependent on the taxpayer funded Pension Protection Fund (PPF) to make ends meet. It’s management, on the other hand, siphoned off their pensions to Visteon Engineering Services, an allegedly independent company just before putting Visteon UK into administration. This issue remains to be resolved.


The Ford Visteon Workers Support Group (Enfield) is a practical support group for the Enfield Visteon workers. FVWSG(E) holds weekly meetings drawing active support from Visteon workers, their families, supporting groups and individuals. The group set up the Visteon workers bank account, has produced some 50,000 leaflets and organised collections across north London and at football matches, and organised many solidarity actions, including rallies and picketing at the Enfield plant, picketing of Ford showrooms and a demonstration at the Visteon administrators, KPMG.


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